Subsurface Resource Exploration & Development

Geologists need to develop an understanding of the geology of the Earth from the surface down to explore, understand, and develop natural resources, such as groundwater, oil & gas, and other precious minerals. Important geological skills & tools needed include:

Hydrodynamics has found that selecting the right geological tools is critical to successfully meeting our clients’ resource exploration and development goals. We start with designing an exploration program that defines our clients’ resource needs and expectations, the limitations of the resource, physical and environmental constraints of the project area, and project economics. It is during this initial task that we work with our clients to choose the right geological tools and expertise needed to meet exploration and development goals.

Hydrodynamics applies our geological exploration experience to working in remote wilderness areas. We have worked in extreme weather conditions for drilling programs from 130˚ F in Death Valley to subzero temperatures in Midwest winters.

Subsurface Resource Exploration & Development Case Studies