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FirstEnergy and Norton Energy Storage LLC

Hydrodynamics, in coordinaton with Sandia National Laboratories, investigated the Norton Mine for a five-year period to characterize and analyzes the mine for potential performance as a CAES storage vessel. Our complex and extensive research program included:

  • Geologic Mine Mapping for Integrity
  • Exploratory Coring & Geophysical Borehole Logging
  • Microscope Core Analysis & X-Ray Diffraction Analysis
  • Rock Core Strength & Permeability Analysis
  • In-Situ High Pressure Permeability Testing
  • Finite Element Model of Mine for Stability Under Pressure
  • Air Migration from Mine Face Numerical Modeling
  • In-Situ Stress Measurements & Rock Strength Testing
  • Mine Shaft Ground Penetrating Radar Survey & Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves

Our CAES total system performance TOUGH2 model code analysis indicated that the Norton Mine could support 2,700 MWe of turbo-machinery units. Hydrodynamics also designed the air injection/withdrawal well system and prepared a conceptual shaft plug design. In addition to CAES activities, Hydrodynamics was responsible for mine maintenance and safety, underground project permitting, environmental site accessment, and geotechnical soil foundation investigations for the power plant foundation design. Hydrodynamics is working with FirstEnergy and Harrison Western Construction, Inc. to rehabilitate the Norton Mine service shaft in preparations for construction of the Norton CAES air storage system. Hydrodynamics is also finalizing the design of the mine air storage system, including air injection/withdrawal wells and shaft plug designs.